Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My 2015 resolution

I am still using 1280x800 macbook's screen resolution though. *cough* *not-funneeh*

Oh hi everyone! It's me again on the tip of 2014th year. As everybody usually do, it's new year's resolution again. Let's start from last year resolution. Anyway, I had put it on a picture. Check it out.

the mighty 2014 resolution
Let's review it for a moment, shall we?

Learn VIM. Yay! I did learn it. VIM has plethora of shortcuts available to tinker with, but I only remember tiny bit of it. Well that really doesn't matter, the important part was I knew to type on it. I had to press "i" first, hahaha.

Graduated. Dang! I haven't finished my final paper yet, but it will be finished. Just need some unicorn sparkle to light it up, and then I will graduated soon. Wish me luck!

Play in a Concert. I did play. It's an annual concert of a violin club in my city. Not really big concert though, but it was my first one! Woohoo!

Buy a new Violin. Yes, I bought one, and it was good. It cost me $150 to pay. Quite a lot for an instrument, but it was totally worth it.

Explore the World. I haven't got an experience to step on another land on this year. I hope it will be, and soon will be, on 2015, heheh.

Get a job. It was a game development job that I wanted to be, for precise. Well, not really "a job." It was an internship on a game studio called as "Tinker Game." It was quite fun and cherish!

That was the review! Now, what should I do for the 2015? I think it will be nice to compress it into small bits of point like I did before. So, here it is

Tadaa, now let's introduce every blocks:

Graduated. I really, really really, really want to graduated. After last meeting with my supervisor I need to push my energy until the last portion of it. I almost give up on it, but hey, it's the last boss to fight with! Let's fight on!

Get a job. After graduated I'd like to have a job. A job on game development looks interesting to me.

Memorize Short Verses. Every prayer I took it always the same verse. Haha, so lame of me. So I have an intention to memorize more. It would be better if I can memorized all the 30th juz.

Learn 3D on Unity. Even though Unity at first made for 3D games, I never touched the 3D part of it. It will be fun to learn about it.

Learn Germany. Germany is one of the famous language in 9GAG. Haha. I found Germany is interesting to learn, and if I can fly there, it will be much useful. Flirting in Germany also will be much much fun. teehee.

Take TOEFL iBT. It's one of the most famous obligation to have with if you want to take abroad University, err... the English language countries Universities. It cost about $250, and that's a lot. I hope I can get a job soon and save some money to take this test.

Rent a room. It would be interesting to learn to live by yourself, right? I'd like to rent a room for myself. It called "kost" in Indonesia. Maybe you called it as apartment, but it much much cheaper.

Publish a game. I've never published a game on Android before. It will be nice to have one. Heheh.

Jog routinely. Oh well, you know what? I never did sports routinely on 2014. No, no, I don't hate sports, it just my shyness *cough* and my *cough* "introverts"-ness...... Oh okay, okay, I'm to lazy to do it. Haha. Hope I can do this simple sport. Actually it doesn't have to be jogging. Any sport will do as long as it done routinely each week.

The year of hope

That's my line for this year. It's a new beginning for me. Another page of life to write on. Another sea of adventure to sail with. What will I head on? I'm not sure, but I will try to give all the effort of my life to fight with it. Let the year begins!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Fixing DIA apps on Mac OSX Yosemite

I use DIA as my primary app for my diagram work. It's easy and it's free. Sadly after I updated my OSX to Yosemite the app only bounced on the dock then disappeared. I stumbled on this link but did nothing for me. Then I found this conversation on DIA's Sourceforge page, and luckily, it worked!

What I did is I typed this line:
DISPLAY=:0 /Applications/
on 40th line of DIA.

Hope it works as well for you!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Friday, December 5, 2014

Error Vim buat git

It works! makasih banyak buat Steve Tooke

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Error kalau kegedean

Jadi kalau gambarnya kegedean jadinya error. Errornya aneh, bagian bawah layar tiba-tiba flicker jadi warna merah dan kemudian si aplikasi tertutup. Kayaknya masalah memori yang nggak cukup sih, jadinya segitu deh. Huhu.
Jadi yang awalnya 576x768 sekarang diresize jadi 384x512

BTW untuk klasifikasnya jelek banget. Hiiiy....