Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Logitech M165 Wireless Mouse Review

Uh, hello! It's me again. The one and only fabulous writer of this blog. Uh. Well. Nobody else write on this blog. Hm. Also nobody read this blog. Sigh.

moment of silence please....

Anyway. I bought a wireless mouse some moments ago. It has Logitech brand. Looking nice, looking nice.

Why did I buy this mouse?

Oh well, my wired mouse one is pretty unusable at the scrolling part. Maybe some kind of wirings and connections messed up so every time I scroll, the result will be jumpy, and unacceptable. Pretty unacceptable to pull your hair out. That quite driving me mad. Just imagine, you have to pull the scroll bar or use the trackpad every time you want to scroll something. Ew.

Then I went to a convenient store nearby to bought this little fella. It cost me Rp 130-thousand-ish. Don't quite remember.

Oh oh, the box said that this mouse only works for Windows OSes, but hey, it also works for Mac too!

Why Wireless

Because wired one sucks. I often found myself pulling cable that stuck at the side of my desk. Even though it need double AAA battery for its energy source, but Logitech said (from its box) the battery will last for a year. Wow. Pretty convenient.

Also, it's cool. Muhohohoa.

Why Didn't I buy Magic Mouse From Apple?

Masya Allah. It's expensive as hell! You can buy seven of this thing to that thing.

How About Wireless Keyboard

When I went to the convenient store, I also look around and craved to get a wireless keyboard. I'd like to buy it, but I didn't. The thing is... I didn't bring much money. Heh. And after thought a while, I realized the wireless keyboard doesn't really necessary because keyboard doesn't move a lot. Unless you are dancing while typing. But not for me. I sit while I type.

Did I bought the wired keyboard? Also not. Maybe later.

It's Nice!

I love this mouse. I recommend it to everyone that need any replacement to a decent mouse.

Now I save my money to buy an SSD. That thing is pretty expensive, huh.