Tuesday, January 1, 2013

#OneGameAMonth: January pt.1

Gonna use my broken-english for #OneGameAMonth. Just because

Well, now. What game should I make? I should create a game fast enough so I can  finish it in one month. My skill is not super enough. So... I think I would like to create....

what? *stuck*

The Game Idea

Okay. Even though the http://www.onegameamonth.com/ give an optional theme word "portcullis," I can't imagine what game I can create from that. I choose my own theme then.

I think I will create the "Find Yourself."
Story: You are a shape in a level, whether you are rectangle, or triangle, or circle. There are many shapes on the screen. You don't know who you are. The important thing is, you have to go....

^ up there is the process of my thought

Okay! Now I found my idea!

It called "Open the Key"

The gameplay is using the keyboard's arrow to move the bubble to touch at least once. When the bubble touched then the door to the next level is opened.

Ah... here my visualization
So the right arrow bubble only move to the right direction, so to the up, down, and left.

Technical Development

For the development, I will use these:
Platform: Flash
Game engine: Flashpunk
IDE: Flash Builder
Images: Various sources and maybe some I would made it using Inkscape
Music: I am sucks in music, gonna find some free music out there

And time management

The time itself is so short. Never make game this rush before. Hum... let me break it like this.

Week 1: Concept, arts, and prototype
Week 2: Levelling
Week 3: Music, Menu, and polishing things
Week 4: Submit. At 27th of January no polishing anymore!

For the work, I would take some 3-5 hours each Monday and Wednesday. Another day just take some little bit time.

Phew. Hope you like it pals! And wish me luck!

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