Monday, January 28, 2013

#OneGameAMonth: January pt.2

Ach.., this is the last part of 1GAM for this January.

My greatest apology, the timing didn't turn out so well. I enjoyed my vacation so well, and ach.. you know, watching TV, facebooking, twittering, and 9gag-ing, is so tempting *sob*

Well then, here it is, the game I submitted. SENGOL

Don't blame me where the heck name came from! Actually it's a pun from Indonesian words, "sengol", means to... touch... i guess..

Tadaa... the game menu

The game has the logo, and play button. Well... because I am lazy to do another stuff at the menu. Yes, lazy.

And the game screen itself consists of blocks labelled by arrow. The game control using the arrow key on your keyboard. The up blocks only can move up, the left blocks only can move left, and so on. The mission is to light up all the blocks by make them touch each other, whether it has been touched or hasn't.

anyway, did I write good in English? Never mind.

I also posted the progress and everything else in Gamedevid (or call it GDI) forum, an Indonesian game developer forum. Got really nice comments out there! Then I have some stuff I have to jot it down for the next version of Sengol (ugh, the name is... lame.. hahahaha!):

  1. Engrish everyone! Engrish! Pardon my bad engrish
  2. Interactivity at the button. Like hover and click state image. At the moment this game's button looks like something flat at the wall, and when click, poof! Something happened!
  3. Add up some juice. The juiciness of the game, like arrows smooth movement, animation, arts (maybe background?), and also music.
  4. Use blocks movement please. This version simply using the per-pixel-movement. GDIans said move by pixel is too smooth for the game like this, and so distracting. And I realize, by using per pixel movement make my level design and the puzzle solving differ!
  5. Add up another variation, to make the game, yeah, not too boring.
  6. Level Designer, thinking puzzle game and then do the hardcode for the puzzle is crazy enough , for 10 levels. Then crazier me will be happen when it have 20 levels. Level designer tool is essential for puzzle game, especially when you ask someone to design the level, and also make the coding process itself easier.

Things didn't work out so well (and didn't work it out)

a. Music, um.. just lazy
b. Submit at 27th January, well, I submit it 28 January, around midnight.

Enough! Where is the playable link??

Whoops! Sorry, so here is the link

Hope you enjoy it

And how about the next version?

I found this gameplay is quite interesting and I could explore it deeply, Obstacle? Powerups? Bonus?

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