Thursday, October 24, 2013

Less Ordinary Review Maverick OSX 10.9

After the shocking release announcement of freely available of the latest version of OSX, I hurriedly download this OS. Of course I was using my campus Wi-Fi, my mobile connection can’t download 5 gigs for several hour, it would take weeks. After that installing the OS for about one and a half hour, and here it is, the Maverick arrived at my Macbook.
Oh by the way, I’ve just bought Mountain Lion for $20 five months before. Maverick is free, and you can upgrade it from Snow Leopard. And what does it means? It means if I quite patient I could upgrade my OS, without buying it! Haha! Damn it Apple!

Oh, back to the review. If you are following tech magazine like Mashable, or Cult of Mac, or Engadget, you name it, you’ll get the review is about several things of Apple has told to public about this new OS. Let those big magazine fellas review about it, I’ll review about the other things then.

1. Looking Good Trackpadish Gesturish

Since the release of Lion, Apple introduce Launchpad that using gigantic pinch (it’s involving 4 or more finger, that’s why it was gigantic) in and out at your trackpad. But it felt unnatural for me. It was a little gesture pinch in and the Launchpad jumps in.But unnatural no more! Because you can hold your pinch a little longer to see the Launchpad blurring in!
It useful for those minutes of boring moments.

And also it happened for pinching out. And I love the inertia motion when you did that. Wooosh, those windows fly away to the sides.

2. Blurring Dock Background

Following its sister OS, iOS, the effect of blurring is come across Maverick as well. This looks nice.

3. Transparent Foldering 

Also like the iOS. I’ve afraid that it would be that “flying into the folder” effect. That would be scary effect for big screen. Fortunately Apple keep those sliding effect, but say goodbye to fabric-ish skeumorphic. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that background as well, but this one looks nice.


Holy Cow! DVORAK!

The installation was finished, and I want to type around at Spotlight, when suddenly… “What the heck? Since when it’s ASDF become AEOU?” That’s strange, the keyboard layout was Romaji!
Thanks goodness the trackpad didn’t become DVORAK as well (is that exist?), and I can delete add the US’s QWERTY layout. And everything back to normal. 

It’s still there

I love to move around between apps (mind my multitasking), and something weird is happened.
When I hover Twitter’s “follow” button of Twitter’s app the yellow box showing the information of follow status. And when I move to other apps using Cmd+Tab, that yellow box still there! Weird.. maybe it’s Twitter fault..

hover it

move to iTunes, still there!

Maverick feels good.

Beside of it's cheap price (huh, it's freeeee).... I don’t know, it just felt cozy and more responsive… till now. Maybe a week later I scream in honest for the spite of lag animation through my small free space hardisk  (Yes, it’s almost full. Thanks to my University’s assignments, and great downloaded-but-never-read-e-books). Hope you feel cozy about it like I do. Because it’s no longer big cat, but it’s a beach, that named after the dog. So radical, eh?

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