Tuesday, May 27, 2014

AVD Keep Restarting When Installing Facebook

I'd like to develop an Android's apps using Facebook's login. Because I want to integrate it with PHP+MySQL, it would be easier for me to test it while running XAMPP. I can't access XAMPP via my phone, so I am using AVD (Android Virtual Device).

Facebook give its basic tutorial to use its SDK (you can read it here). They also give its Android's apps installer (the .apk file). After downloaded the SDK and started up the AVD, I tried to install the apps with this command via my terminal:

./adb install ../../facebook-android-sdk-3.14/bin/FBAndroid-7.0.0.apk

But unfortunately the AVD rebooted itself and the adb command keep on this lines:

722 KB/s (31026249 bytes in 41.953s)
	pkg: /data/local/tmp/FBAndroid-7.0.0.apk

The Troubleshoot

After several try and failure, I found that my AVD device display is too small. I was using 240x320 display, then I create new AVD using 480x800 resolution. I don't know why it happens but it just works. lol.

The succeeded installation via adb command will show these lines
1318 KB/s (31026249 bytes in 22.980s)
	pkg: /data/local/tmp/FBAndroid-7.0.0.apk

This is how the emulator looks like
p.s: my english sucks


  1. Thanx!! Awesome! I wasted so much time on this issue.. luckily I found ur bolg!!


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