Friday, September 12, 2014

POME: Research on neural network

Hi guys! It's been a long time. Well you know, procrastinating is awesome. LOL


This week I managed to code the trainer program. Yay! What I have done is just made a GUI and integrated it with my already coded ANN. I have coded it last month.

Because I had the opportunity to play around with the ANN, then I tried to make a simple classifier network. Just to tested it out. Interestingly the ANN needed specific number to get it right. The more complex the network doesn't mean it's become more accurate.

For example, I gave 3 hidden layers with 50 hidden neurons each. When I tested it out the result was only 86% accuracy.
But when I used only 1 hidden layers with only 10 hidden neurons in it, the result of my classifier was 100% accuracy! Awesome!
These all still looks like a magic for me. Hahaha. But nevertheless it's still one same dataset, of course I expected exactly same result. For next experiment I'll try different person to write the character and tweak the parameters again.


Oh anyway, I've found out the problem from the last post of my data extractor (the strangely distorted and unaligned image at the corner). Looks like I need to use the homography.

Have you ever wonder how a person see through a camera but the camera itself produce a 2D image? Yep, it's all because homography plot the 3D world onto the 2D space. Can we reverse this effect? Of course we can! But how? Uh.. that's what I struggled on. I am still reading (and watching) about it. There's a good lecture about homography on YouTube!. I need this!!!

Humm.. That's it for now. I think now I can see my advisor again on this Monday. I asked by him to work on this part of research first. Well then, see ya!

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