Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Progress About My Paper 2 : The Corner

It was a lot of journey. I experimented to extract the letters from the form. But you know what? The problem is always lurking at the corner. Literally.

The Corner

I learned about the affine space from Tutsplus' tutorial . From the tutorial I managed to shear my image. The idea was like this. I have 3 points, which are top-left, bottom-left, and top-right. First, I set the top-left point as static point. Then I shear the bottom-left point so it's parallel to the top-left point. At last I shear the top-right point so it's parallel to the top-left point.

At the top-left-side part, the image looked correct.

But as the image going to the bottom-left corner the alignment began strange

From this result I concluded that I can't simply correct this with affine space. The image was on projective space.

I talked about this problem to my advisor. My advisor told me to ignore this problem for a moment. For the beginning step he told me to assume the form is perfectly aligned. I have to start to experimenting with Neural Network. Luckily I have a Wacom's pen tablet, so I can create handwritten form with it.

My extractor managed to export the XML format of letters. Here's how my extractor looks like.
To extract 52 characters it need about 5 seconds. Quite long eh? But it's enough for the moment. Now I need to create the program for ANN.

Wish me luck then. Ngoahahaha.

p.s: guhe lagi ngambil kursus bahasa Inggris. Lumayan nulis ginian, buat belajar structure.

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